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Chapter 3

Electromagnetic Compatibility

To ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of the ATLAS TRT within a system exposed to a violent environment, possible noise sources, their receptors, and the coupling paths have to be identified. Either the disturbing emissions of the source or the susceptibility of the receiver have to be reduced, or the path has to be removed. Finally, a ground system has to provide personnel safety and equipment and facility protection without introducing new EMC problems.


3.1 Coupling Mechanisms

3.1.1 Conductive Coupling

3.1.2 Free-Space Coupling

3.2 Aggressors & Victims

3.2.1 Intrasystem Environment

3.2.2 Intersystem Environment

3.3 EMC Measures

3.3.1 Data Transmission

3.3.2 Power Distribution

3.3.3 PCB Design

3.3.4 Shielding

3.4 Grounding Scheme

3.4.1 End Cap

3.4.2 Barrel

3.4.3 Services

3.4.4 Connections

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