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High-Density Digital Links

Chapter 2

Signal Integrity

You have to follow the path of the signals to perform the task of signal integrity inside a system. The TRT has mainly two different kinds of signals - the data signals and the control signals. After the generation inside the straw, the data signal is preprocessed inside the front-end electronics. The encoded digital signal travels forth of the TRT and the Inner Detector over intermediate patch panels to a repeater patch panel and out of the ATLAS detector to the back-end electronics. The control signals travel the other way around - starting at the back-end electronics and ending at the front-end electronics.


2.1 Data Signal

2.1.1 Straw

2.1.2 Transmission to the Front-End Electronics

2.1.3 Front-End Electronics

2.1.4 Transmission to the Repeater Patch Panel

2.1.5 Repeater Patch Panel

2.1.6 Transmission to the Back-End Electronics

2.1.7 Back-End Electronics

2.2 Control Signal

2.2.1 Back-End Electronics

2.2.2 Transmission to the Repeater Patch Panels

2.2.3 Repeater Patch Panels

2.2.4 Transmission to the Front-End Electronics

2.2.5 Front-End Electronics


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