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This is the place where the author thanks everybody. My first version had several pages ... However, I want to thank

Peter Lichard for teaching that text books are mostly wrong, otherwise they would be on the web for free;
Philippe Farthouat for sending me to Madeira and New York, when he could not stand me in Geneva any more;
Chris Fabjan and Franz Seifert for stopping reading at this point and nevertheless giving me good marks;
and finally Johannes Muller for walking through Geneva.
I owe you much more than I could ever express in simple words within my poor English. Please accept my deepest gratitude together with the people who are listed here:

Ketevi Assamagan, Arno Beer, Rick van Berg, William Billereau, Herve Blampey, Danielle Boonroy, Andreas Bratfisch, Christian and Silvia Bundschuh, Capucine and Peter Bundschuh, Olivier Clere, Alain Corre, Gerard Critin, Hans Danielsson, Nicole Depierre, Emilie van Deventer, Fido Dittus, Nandor Dressnandt, Michael Dumser, Sharif El-Hamalawi, Franck Eudaric, John Evans, Jerome Fournier, Daniel Froidevaux, Angelo Gandi, Bernard Gisin, Jan Godlewski, Felicitas Goss, Cecile Granier, Zbyszek Hajduk, Christophe Havet, Barbara and Brigitte Hayek, Oliver Hladik, Sophie L'Huillier, Savador Iranzo, Georg Jelinek, Alexander Kluge, Patrick Knaus, Jan Lac, Werner Langhans, Francesco Lanni, Walter Leeb, Bjorn Lundberg, Roman Malina, Werner and Christa Mandl, Sabine and Irene Mandl, Franz and Hermine Mandl, Alfred Paul Megner, Claude Menot, Claude Millerin et ses femmes, Oyvind Milvang, Mitch Newcomer, Tina Piringer, Pawel Plaszcak, Veljko Radeka, Christoph Rembser, Sergio Rescia, Maria Dolores Escalera Rodriguez, Serge Alain and Pascal Serge Roguet, Anatoli Romaniouk, Alasdair Ross, Vladimir Ryjov, Jean-Michel Sainson, Wolgang, Martina and Hannah Schleifer, Herbert Schneider, Georg Schindelarz, Georges Schuler, Czarek Sobczynski, Daniela Springs, Fritz Szoncso, Gilles Tabary, Antoine Thys, Thomas Toifl, Achim Villing, Pascal Vulliez, Isa Waldner, Brig Williams, Thomas Zickler, ...

And, do not argue about the order. It is alphabetical. Only I will know how much I owe to you.

February 9, 2000 - Martin Mandl
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