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Appendix C

and in the case ...

... it does not work, we should probably follow our ancestor Thomas Alva Edison. He tried to build a machine to register the voice of ghosts and spirits and accidentally invented the phonograph. Would placing this little sign really harm physics ...

Figure C.1   The magic seal of king Solomon to detain bad ghosts [61]

Or following an article written by Martin Growled for Australian Electronics Engineering [62]:

    1. Put everything in metal boxes ... no, lead boxes - two lead boxes, in fact.
    2. Don't make anything electric, use steam. But not for the European market because of the Simple Pressure Vessels Directive.
    3. Don't make anything with wires which connect to anything else. Communication should be by semaphore, hydraulics or string.
    4. If you must use electricity, earth everything - even signal lines.
    5. Use metal connectors, metal shells, metal switches, metal fasteners; solder them all together and earth everything.
    6. Put ferrites on everything, even string.
    7. Don't use electric motors. Use mice in little cage wheels. Put earth straps on the mice.
    8. Don't have any ventilation holes. They allow RF energy to escape from the enclosure. I know it's bad for the mice, but we live in a disposable age, after all.
    9. Bond everything to an earth plane - portable devices have the potential to generate way too much interference anyway.
    10. Don't have any removable parts - they compromise the integrity of the enclosure. Mice should be sealed in at the time of manufacture. This stops pooh getting everywhere too.

February 9, 2000 - Martin Mandl
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